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Lyon sur le divan

Lyon sur le divan

Affiche de l'exposition "Lyon sur le divan. Les métamorphoses d'une ville" du 17 novembre au 17 juin 2018.


The metamorphoses of a city

[From November 17 to June 17 2018]

This new exhibition tells, with poetry and humor, urban transformations of Lyon. How did Lyon develop? What barriers did it have to overcome? How new neighborhoods appeared naturally? How have town planners regularly tried to connect them? How has Lyon sought to modernize, innovate and assert itself as a metropolis?
History Museum of Lyon (MHL) thought this exhibition for all those who live the city daily and has added a very special artistic police station: ANPU, National Agency for Urban Psychoanalysis.

Urban psychoanalysis

Investigations with Lyonnais with "divans" operations realized at the end of 2016, meetings with selected witnesses: ANPU questioned Lyon according to a well-established method. Who are Lyon's parents? What are his complexes and neuroses? Is a cure in progress?
In this funny and relevant field psychoanalysis, MHL has confronted eyes of historians, scientists, witnesses and other artists.

Practical information

Lyon sur le divan
From November 17 2017 to June 17 2018
From Wednesday to Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Exhibition entrance + 2 museums entrance: 8 € / reduced price: 6 €
English booklet available but rest of the exhibition in French.