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Salle 6 - Image de la ville à la Renaissance

Salle 6 - Image de la ville à la Renaissance

© Gilles Aymard


Rooms 6, 7, 8 et 9

The town became denser during the 16th century: the districts of Saint-Paul, Saint-Jean and Saint-Georges were populated with tall, narrow houses constructed in the lower region of the Fourvière Hills.

On the peninsula, dwelling places sprung up around Saint-Nizier. Thoroughfares developed outside, in the suburbs of Vaise, la Croix-Rousse and la Guillotière.

In 1562, during the religious wars, Baron des Adrets, who was temporarily in command of the town, had the walls of several monasteries knocked down, opened up the districts of Saint-Paul and Saint-Jean, and cleared the streets (between Bellecour and the rivers in particular) and the squares : Confort and Cordeliers... Short sharp shock town planning, but effective !