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Salle 12 - La ville et le roi

Salle 12 - La ville et le roi

Maquette de l'hôtel de ville © Gilles Aymard


Rooms 10, 11, 12, 13 et 14

During the 17th century, the upper classes set up home around place Bellecour on land sold by the religious orders – the main owners of the peninsula.

Although the number of convents multiplied, important public buildings such as the first stock exchange at Saint-Jean and the Hôpital de la charité (charity hospital).

The most important building was undoubtedly the hotel de ville (town hall). Constructed on the place des Terreaux by Simon Maupin in 1646, from this point onwards, it housed the consulate, which managed the town from 1595. A boost in local power…precisely at a time when the king tightened his control over the town.

The large-scale manufacture of Lyon silk


Managed by Jean-Baptiste Colbert, it comprised all of the merchants, weavers and their family workshops along with craftsmen from all other silk-related professions.