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Salle 16 - La vie intellectuelle

Salle 16 - La vie intellectuelle

© Xavier Schwebel


Rooms 15, 16, 17 et 18

The density of the town continued to increase during the 18th century. On the peninsula, land belonging to the church were sold off and divided into plots, and new buildings emerged.

Jacques-Germain Soufflot was the major architect of the century. His credits include the quai saint-Clair (Saint-Clair Quay) on the Rhône to the north of Les Terreaux, and, first and foremost, the reconstruction of the hôtel-Dieu, the outline of which flanked the right bank of the Rhône. He also reshaped the stock exchange.

It was only at the end of the century that the town witnessed a real expansion.

The engineer, Perrache, designed the peninsula extension to the south by carrying out drainage works at the confluence. The architect, Morand, designed a bridge over the Rhône and a new district on the left bank, opposite the town hall.

These advances were to continue well into the next century.

Massacre devant l'hôtel de Ville en 1793

The siege of Lyons


In Lyon, the French Revolution is marked by a constant political shift between Paris and Lyon : Lyon was radical when Paris was temperate, and vice-versa. These “misunderstandings” culminated in the siege of Lyon by the national armies in 1793.


This episode entered the history books of Lyon later on as being symbolic of the period…