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Salle 20 - L'Empire

Salle 20 - L'Empire

© Gilles Aymard


Rooms 19, 20, 21 et 22

Following the Revolution, the town had more work to do in rebuilding its economy than its ramparts. Visiting Lyon in 1800, Bonaparte nevertheless symbolically launched the reconstruction of the façades of place Bellecour.

The town remained subjected to the limitations of its former urban fabric. The servicing of lands rendered fragile by the rivers continued: the south of the peninsula filled in, and quays and bridges were constructed.

The peninsula was punctuated with roads and buildings with Neo-classical façades sprang from the ground.

The relaunch of the silk-making industry coupled with the mechanical advances of the silk-making industry led to the colonisation of the slopes of la Croix-Rousse by the tall Canut buildings with huge windows.

Atelier de canut

Canut Revolts

The first concentration of workers in France, Lyon, with its Fabrique (silk-making industry) set the scene for the social revolts of the weavers.

The first social advances came to light against the backdrop of Utopian socialism : an industrial tribunal, provident societies and workers’ press.